Globalising education

Global demand for quality US education is robust. Emerging markets in Latin America, South and East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa are booming. To propel them forward in the 21st Century, they will need skilled managers knowledgeable in Western business practices.

In the United States, longstanding schools and colleges are struggling with intense competition, declining enrollments, falling revenues, and narrowing margins. Many have aggressively beefed up their recruiting efforts. Others have raised their discount rates or launched ambitious fund-raising campaigns. Still others are contemplating a fundamental restructuring to better serve the needs of an expanding global market.

Here arises a golden opportunity for globalising education, effectively “bridging the gap” between prospective global “consumers” of American education and potential US providers.

GLOBALISED can help you do so.

Specifically, we can assist you with

  • Developing targeted “emerging market programs” that impart practical managerial skills relevant to the needs of developing economies
  • Establishing a branch campus or stand-alone school that offers a quality US education outside the US
  • Acquiring, reorganizing, and restructuring an existing US institution, then designing specific programs tailored to the needs of emerging markets.

Think about it. The educational institution or signature program that you develop could become one of the few in the world that effectively caters to the needs of emerging markets. It could become the most potent force for economic change in a developing country, thus impacting the destiny of millions of people. In addition, by raising your international profile and enhancing your brand, such an endeavor could boost your enrollments, increase your revenues, generate investment capital, and improve your “bottom line.”