International business programs

To forge the business leaders of tomorrow, The Business School of Tomorrow must become the “antithesis” of the business school of today. It must offer innovative international business programs. It must teach students

  • How to get things done
  • How to adapt to change
  • How to work with others

In addition, it must give students a global perspective.

It must be attuned to the needs of employers and impart skills that are relevant to the workplace.

International business programs

GLOBALISED can help you build The Business School of Tomorrow. Specialists in international business programs, it can assist you with

  • Managing your curriculum in partnership with business
  • Designing team-based Experiential Learning Projects with corporate input and involvement
  • Designing skills-based degree and certificate programs
  • Restructuring courses to better impart marketable skills
  • Launching “cutting edge” global immersion programs

Ultimately, such measures will

  • Raise your school’s profile
  • Enhance its institutional brand
  • Improve the employability of its graduates
  • Foster productive relationships with business
—thus adding value to your organization.