The single most important asset of any college or university is accreditation. Accreditation signifies quality. It impacts the ability of an institution to recruit outstanding students, stellar faculty, and exceptional administrators. It also impacts its ability to ascend the college rankings, increase enrollments, generate revenues, and attract capital.

Some schools falter in the accreditation process, not because of objective shortcomings, but rather because of perceived shortcomings. These institutions actually succeed in meeting the high standards of accreditation. They just fail to clearly present themselves as “successful.”

Often, this failure stems from

  • Gaps in the assessment of learning
  • Self-assessments that fail to
    • Highlight the positive features of the institution
    • Adequately disclose its shortcomings
    • Propose effective remedial measures
    • Indicate a willingness to implement these measures
    • Disorganized, confusing, or unclear presentations to accreditors
    • Inconsistent, contradictory, or misleading information
    • Flawed analyses
    • Vague or misguided policies that weaken the case for accreditation
    • Poor planning for the accreditation visit

GLOBALISED can help you bring perception in line with reality. Specifically, it can assist you with

  • Assessing learning outcomes so as to produce results that can guide curriculum management
  • Preparing credible self-assessments that
    • Highlight the positive features of your institution
    • Suggest “areas for improvement”
    • Define short- and long-term remedial goals
    • Propose action plans, budgets, and timelines for achieving these goals
  • Creating clear, concise, and organized presentations that emphasize program successes and institutional achievements
  • Generating information that is
    • Relevant
    • Accurate
    • Complete
    • Consistent
    • Compelling
  • Conducting sound analyses supported by empirical data
  • Instituting clear and coherent policies that strengthen the case for accreditation
  • Planning thoroughly for the accreditation visit, matched with efficient organization and effective execution

Ultimately, by securing for your institution its single most important asset, GLOBALISED can enhance its intangible value.

And you will be pleasantly surprised to discover the degree by which intangible value quickly translates into tangible wealth.

“Which business accreditation is right for your institution?”