Richard J. Joseph
GLOBALISED, a higher education consulting firm, was founded by Richard J. Joseph to help

  • Colleges and universities get accredited
  • US educational institutions
    • Develop international programs, and
    • Enter non-US markets
  • Non-US educational institutions
    • Develop American programs, and
    • Enter the US market
  • Corporations develop skills-based programs to train their managers
  • Government agencies establish American-model schools that cater to the education needs of their citizens

As an accreditor for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and former Provost-for-term and Chief Academic Officer of Bryant University with over 25 years’ higher education experience, Mr. Joseph realized that without expert advice and assistance, the colleges and universities of today will struggle to meet the growing demand for a quality American education fueled by the forces of globalization.

A graduate of Harvard, Oxford, and The University of Texas School of Law, Mr. Joseph played a major role in transforming a small Boston-based management program into the seventh largest business school in the world in terms of MBA enrollments, ranked #1 for international experience by the Financial Times.[1] In this role, he helped set up branch campuses in China, the Middle East, Europe, and North America; developed seven new degree programs, and successfully led his institution through nine accreditation reviews.

Before entering academia, Mr. Joseph served as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and Becker Paribas, and a mergers and acquisitions specialist for the Bass Group. He is co-editor of the Handbook of Mergers and Acquisitions (Oxford University Press), co-author of Prentice Hall’s Federal Taxation (Pearson), and author of The Origins of the American Income Tax (Syracuse University Press).



[1] Financial Times Business Education Supplement, January 31, 2011, pp. 38, 40